Wacky Tacky Light Tour

Dec. 9, 10, 11, 12

Buses run every ten minutes from 6pm - 8 pm

New Location: Golden Age Wine, Mountain Brook

A fundraiser for Fresh Air Family

Last year, 214 children came to camp for free from this event!


Wacky Tacky Light Tour 2020

Put your quarantine bubble on a bus!

We are distanced, masked and ready to roll!

Reserve your own private bus for your peeps

Enjoy a wholesome, fun evening with your family using one of our maps,

available for $25 for members, $50 non-members. Join now!

To purchase the route, pay at the donate button 


Tuesday, Dec. 8

Wednesday, Dec. 9

Thursday, Dec. 10


Buses run every 15 minutes from 6pm - 7:30 pm

New Location: Tropicaleo, 4426 4th Ave S, Birmingham

We have 12, 13 and 32-passenger buses leaving every 15 minutes

Tuesday will be caravan night -- buy the route and join the fun. One price per car!


A fundraiser for Fresh Air Family's Gross Out Camp Scholarship Fund. Summer 2020, $54,000 in financial aid was awarded to 170 children to come to camp including children escaping violence and suicide orphans. Your tickets

buy these children a summer reprieve where they can focus on learning and being children. Thank you!


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