Tickets - Live Soon

Buy individual tickets for $35 or book a bus for your group: friends, family, office, club or fraternity or anyone in your quarantine group. For private bus information email:

                      or call: 205-540-6642.


Your ticket includes a two-hour guided bus tour of a carefully curated route of the best of the worst of,

Birmingham's holiday lights including Santa's Trailer Park, Old Cowboy, Hanukkah House, Dueling Neighbors, and more. With a pandemic, we cannot provide our usual hotdogs, but Tropicaleo and our mid-point will have snacks for you, some complimentary, some for purchase. 

Come to the event at least 20 minutes before your bus leaves. Your name will be on a list for your bus.


You can bring a soft pack cooler on the bus, just nothing red can be in it: Red wine, Doritos or Cheetos. 

We are going to have loads of fun -- something we need this year! 

Fresh Air Family

P.O. Box 321038 Birmingham, AL 35232


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